1. Unlimited Sales & Scale-ability: There is no minimum or maximum cap on how many orders you can get. We believe in scaling and we want you to grow, hence we don’t believe in setting restrictions on these.

  2. Unlimited Free Deliveries: There is no cap on free deliveries. You provide us 100 orders a month or 5000 a month, there will never be any delivery charges for our products. Great savings? yes, that’s a minimum of Rs.20,000 to Rs.1,50,000 savings yearly.

  3. All Products Access: Once you subscribe, you will have access to all the products that we’ll be keep adding. You can focus only on increasing your business whereas we take care of dealing with manufacturers, item quality checking, warehousing, etc., As you do not require to buy and stock any of our products, this is a straight saving of Rs.50lacs and more.

  4. Full Ownership: You will have a complete ownership to the ecommerce website we provide you. Apart from our products, you can add any other products or categories you want. If you require, we provide you FTP access too. Remember, no other companies provide such access. Not even Shopify.

  5. Direct Amazon Support: Do you know that 3rd party agencies charge a minimum of Rs.10 per product to convert for Amazon? If you want to convert all our products on your own paying to 3rd party providers, you will end up paying 80,000 to 90,000rs for converting all our products. Worry not. We provide readymade Amazon formats for all our valid products’ at free of cost, that is ‘zero charge’.

  6. Free Domain & Hosting: Ever dealt with an Hosting company? if you find something is not working, they will throw a bunch of technical terms and limitations. You will end up thinking it is your mistake for your hosting to not work well. Well with us, we take care of hosting and any related issue. We provide Free Domain too.

  7. Wide Pincodes Covered: The unique beauty of India is it’s diverse culture. You can see that people from different states behave differently and their habits and culture differs too. It is like a nation of multiple countries. But do not worry, we deliver too almost all the pin-codes since we use leading courier partners like Delhivery, FedEx, Ecom Express, Aramex, xPress Bees & Speed Post.

  8. Unlimited Banner Images: No E-commerce company or SAAS company will tell you this. We do. Once you started an e-commerce business, the one subtle expense that’d be keep recurring is to get the banner images done for your website. Average costs that designers charge for this is Rs.500 to Rs.2000. Let’s say that you change banner images 3 times in a month with 3 banners at a time, you will end up needing 108 images in a year. That piles up to Rs.54,000 to Rs.2,16,000 expense per year. Don’t worry, we keep building unique images for Rs.0, aka, free of cost. You will have free access to all our banner images.
These are just a randomly selected top 8 reasons, there are actually more. Anyone who understand e-commerce business will appreciate our services as we cover everything required to run a successful e-commerce business.