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Customers place orders on Baapstore Powered Stores using your coupon code to get discounts & you get huge profits on all those orders

Frequently asked questions

What is Baapstore Coupon Distributor Model?

In short: Baapstore Coupon Distribution is an innovative answer to the people who are looking to make handsome money online, passively and genuinely. We use our deep technology expertise and huge collection of products to make it possible.
Baapstore is basically a dropshipping company that powers thousands of ecommerce stores across India and the world and is responsible for many sales happening online.

This Coupon Distributiorship is for the people who are not technically skilled, aged, housewives, etc., basically who's looking to make a consistent income using our infrastructure, technology and products.
If you join us as a Coupon Distributor, you'll get your own Coupon Code which you need to just share across the web. Anyone using your Coupon Code in our websites will get discounts and you will get a profit share of up to 45% on each transaction.

How do I make money?

You can make money in 3 types: 1. Direct Income: When anyone buy anything from Baapstore Powered Stores using your Coupon Code, they will get discounts and you will get profit share up to 45%. Your Coupon Code works across all products and services categories. You just need to promote your Coupon. 2. Indirect Income Type 1: When a new Coupon Distributor(CD) joins us using your Coupon Code or take any of our dropship plans from, they will get a discount and you'll get a profit share. 3. Indirect Income Type 2: You'll get flat Rs.10 commission from all the product orders the CD generates who joined us using your Coupon Code. Lets say 3 CDs joins us using your Coupon Code and places 500 orders per CD each month, you will get 15,000rs per month from their sales.

How much money can I make?

Honestly, it is unlimited and depends on each individual. We provide upto 45% commission on product sales and upto 20% commission on our plan sales. For example: Let’s say that you promote your Coupon Code all across internet consistently and Baapstore powered site gets 300 sales using your coupon code with 500rs per order value, you will receive commissions between Rs.22500 to Rs.67500 per month. You can actually laugh your way to the bank! The choice is yours!
The only mantra for CD is 'Share More, Earn More'.

Can I withdraw money to my bank account?

Yes! you need to provide us your bank account details and we'll be transferring your monthly payments to your bank account through NEFT/IMPS. After becoming our CD, you need to provide us your bank details, as below: Account Number: Account Name: Account Type: Bank Name: Branch: IFSC Code:

Is there a Training session?

Yes, we will provide video tutorials which will help you in understanding the techniques to spread your Coupon Code across the web to increase your passive income.

Do I need to work on standard hours?

As it's only about sharing your Coupon Code online and not about working, there is no fixed time. However the more you share your coupon, the better.

What is the vision of

We like to see the world with happy people where they don't struggle to survive. Due to the Globalization and Capitalism, currently only the skilled people are able to survive. This is wrong, system is wrong. World is created equal and all the natural resources should be available for all the people. It is we the people who made it accessible only for the rich and restricted the poor. This is not good, what would you do if robots take up all your possible jobs and you'll survive only when you learn how to control the robotics, complex isn't? On the other hand, big businesses crushing small businesses and chasing out small business people. With the introduction of decentralized business model, at Baapstore, we believe that everyone will be able to make money quite easily. It's just about sharing profits with you, but in a healthy and sustainable method. Let's work together to make this world happy again.

How much is the investment?

Coupon Distributorship fee for 5 years is Rs.90,000 + GST.

What is Special about Baapstore Coupon Distributorship(CD)?

  • The coupon code you receive is uniquely made for you. Anyone purchasing using this coupon code will get them a discount and you will receive a profit share on every such orders.
  • Your one Coupon Code works across all our plans, categories and products.
  • Your Coupon Code has 5 years validity. It can be renewed post that.
So let's say you are sharing your coupon code today, it will work upto 5years and may get you a constant income. Hence, sharing your Coupon Code across the web is like s a smart Investment that gets you returns for today and for the future.

Do you provide Refund?

We are working hard to provide you the best opportunity to make huge money in most easiest way. You can also see our sites where your coupon code will be applicable, all the categories and products we have, and you can also ask all your queries before joining us. We will be happy to patiently assist you. But we do not provide refund. So please feel free to ask any questions before you join us.


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