For My Migrant Brothers and Sisters

I'm Karthic Gurnani, founder of Baapstore, an e-commerce dropshipping platform.

This post is not about us, not about our business, nothing that benefits us- directly or indirectly. There is no commercial interest. This will be a pure commitment only for the benefits of our migrants. 

My heart goes for all those millions of migrants walking thousands of kilometers to reach their hometown and those who are stuck in roads without food or shelter. In this age of information (distraction), it is easy to just see news about them and switch to other news about becoming super-power. We are looking high at the Himalayas and Mount Everests, but we fail to notice the migrants who are near and dear to us. Without those migrants, many jobs, from construction to fast food, will not actually be so fast. They are the pillars of our country. We cannot leave them alone when most needed, we are human beings, after all, isn't. I cannot walk past knowing that my brother is on the road waiting for food packets.

I'm also saddened by the fact that I do not have that kind of big money that would wipe all their tears right away. Whatever amount I have spent on charity, is nothing, it's like a needle lost in the ocean of tears. I couldn't explain what it's doing to my heart.