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​Overview of Toys Business

  • Rs.14,000 crore market industry. Projected to grow at Rs.24,000 crore by 2024.

  • High-Profit Margin. Most imported toys are selling at 2 to 6 times higher.

  • High Potential - 90% of the transactions are happening through the unorganized non-branded channels. It means anybody can set their business.

  • Parents' spending for their kids has gone new heights due to high disposable

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​Overview of Apparels Business

  • Ever growing sector.

  • High Potential. 80% plus sales happen through unorganized means.

  • People spend about 10% of their disposable income in apparel for last several years.

  • Good profit-margin.

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All Baapstore Items Dropshipping

  • If you choose this shop, you can able to sell all our products.

  • Total 3000+ SKUs.

  • 50-80% average profit-margin.


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I was looking to start e-commerce business for years, but as the investment required to acquire stocks was huge, I never really took a step. When I heard about baapstore's Guaranteed dropshipping services, i thought of giving it a try once. And today, I'm getting good orders and baapstore guys are taking care of all the delivery work.

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