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Private Label Dropshipping

At PLD, we help you to ship products on your own brand name. To give you an example, Jockey is a brand, Levis is a brand. Likewise, you can sell our PLD eligible products as your own brand.

The only difference is that, here, you do not have to shell out crores in launching your own branded line of products. We'll take care of sourcing of products, brand packaging, delivery, returns management, etc., You just focus on getting more sales.

What We Provide

Your Own Branded Products to Sell

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You do not need to invest in crores to buy thousands of products in advance as MoQ. MoQs won't do any good to a Startup.

We will keep your products in a ready-to-ship state and deliver it to your customers with your entire branding package whenever you receive an order.

You pay us only for the sold items and not for all the products we have for you.

Brand Printing & Materials

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You do not need to visit different printers traveling far and wide and spending lacs of rupees to get your brand tags done.

We provide you all the materials involved including the tags, labels, courier bags, and poly covers. All these in your brand name, and logo.


Note: There will be extra for materials printing.

Product Photography & Cataloging


We photograph your branded products in different shots at the highest quality according to the best E-commerce guidelines.

Also, we do the cataloging of your product that includes all product attributes & variations in a way that will make it easier for your customers to choose the required size and color of their favorite product. 

Quality Control & Management


We maintain the consistent quality of the products. We know that selling your branded product is a dream business and we ensure you that we work in a way that your dream business becomes successful in all possible ways.

We check the quality of each outgoing product and if anything is not up-to the mark, we'll immediately reject that piece and replace it with a new piece.


License to Sell

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With our PLD Subscription, you get a license to sell our products on your brand name.

You can sell all the PLD-eligible products we launch as your private label brand.

All our PLD services also will be provided as a part of our package. 

After a year, you shall keep renewing our subscription with nominal charges only.


Product Line


Launching a Brand Product

On Your Own v/s with Baapstore PLD

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Einfach war das nicht. Aber so ist das Klangwelt-Festivaljahr entstanden, und dies mit viel Lust und Zuversicht ins Neue. Das Jahr 2021 steht ganz im Fokus des Wandels und der Transformation. Die Klangwelt Toggenburg präsentiert ein spezielles Kulturprogramm, das dem Virus trotzt und dem Publikum ermöglicht, so sicher und frei wie möglich Kunst und Gemeinschaft zu erleben. Weil Kultur wichtig ist. Weil wir Kultur brauchen für unser Zusammenleben.

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