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Why Sell kurtis?

1. Fastest growing segment of Rs.3,00,000 crores fashion apparel market.

2. Most preferred women's wear.

3. Fragmented market with a scope for anyone to create a brand position.

4. As per Amazon, Kurtis growing faster than other apparel segments.

Strong Hold: Kurtis are the go-to women's wear since it's easy to wear, trendy and comfortable. It can be worn as an office-wear, daily-wear, occasion or party-wear too.

Opportunity: Majority of the market is currently unorganized. With our end-to-end support and the help of online sales channels, you can grab a good market share for your brand.

We did a basic Google Keyword Search & found that Kurti has 35,00,000+ (35lacs+) monthly searches on Google. Every Month. Just on one Search Engine.

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What We Provide

Your Own Branded Kurtis to Sell


You do not need to invest in crores to buy thousands of Kurtis in advance as MoQ. MoQs won't do any good to a Startup.

We will keep your Kurtis in a ready-to-ship state and deliver it to your customers with your entire branding package whenever you receive an order.

You pay us only for the sold items and not for all the products we have for you.

Brand Name & GST Registrations


We take care of all your legal registrations including Brand Name Registration, GST Tax Certificates, etc.,

We will connect you with our legal adviser who will co-operate with you to get the registration done.

Once it's done you will have your own Registered Brand Name.


Brand Printing & Materials

cardboard tags.jpg

You do not need to visit different tag manufacturers travelling 100s of Kilometers and spending lacs of rupees to get tags done.


We provide you all the tags involved including the label that comes inside Kurtis, the price and brand tags and tag ropes. All these in your brand name, logo and styling that you want.

Product Photography & Cataloging


We photograph your branded Kurtis in different shots at highest quality according to the best E-commerce guidelines.

Also we do the cataloging of your product that includes all product attributes & variations in a way that will make it easier for your customers to choose the required size and color of their favorite product. 

E-commerce Website

kurti site.jpg

We create a Mobile-Friendly Ecommerce Website for you and load your branded Kurtis at a retail price.

Easy site navigation with options to choose color and size choices.

We take care of everything technical including web development, hosting, domain, payment & shipping integration, bug fixing, etc.,


Multi Format Sheets


We provide you our private label products in multiple bulk formats including Amazon format, WooCommerce, Opencart and CSV.

This helps you to list your branded products easy on various platforms helping you to increase the sales volume.


Quality Control & Management


We maintain the consistent quality of the products. We know that selling your branded product is a dream business and we ensure you that we work in a way that your dream business becomes successful in all possible ways.

We check the quality of each outgoing product and if anything is not up-to the mark, we'll immediately reject that piece and replace it with a new piece.


Delivery Management


We will take care of delivering your goods to your end customers using our leading delivery partners that include FedEX, DHL, Delhivery, XpressBees, Ecom Express, Aramex & Speed Post.

COD available within India. Returns & Replacement Management will be taken care too.


Credit Line


You do not need a working capital to partner us. We provide you a credit sales of up to Rs.30,000 or up to 20 days. You can settle our bills of the sold items in a consolidated manner.

You shall just focus on increasing your sales and building your brand.


License to Sell


With our PLD Subscription, you get 5 years license to sell our products on your brand name.

You can sell all the products we launch for PLD within this period as your private label brand.

All our PLD services also will be provided for 3 years. 

After 3 years, you shall renew the license or cancel it.


Kurtis Collection

  • You'll have 100 SKUs to sell at any point of time.

  • Kurtis will be available in fast moving sizes M, L, XL and XXL.

  • New Kurtis will be added on regular basis.

  • We will take care of sourcing of Kurtis and Quality Checks.

  • You'll get Kurtis at Manufacturer's Price.

Launching a Kurti Brand

Frequently asked questions


Who will be the owner of my brand name?

You will be the absolute owner of the brand name. If you want the brand to be registered on your family member or friend's name, it can be done too.

Do I need to buy the Kurtis upfront? Is there any MoQ?

You do not have to buy Kurtis upfront, and so there is no MoQ.

Who will take care of my brand packaging?

We handle all your brand packaging, delivery, returns and replacements.

How much is the Subscription Fee?

2,50,000 excluding taxes for 5 years private label license.

How do I pay for the Kurtis?

You shall make post payment after the sales. You will get a credit of 30,000rs or 20 days. You shall pay us by bank transfer everytime you reach your threshold limit or when reached 20 days.

How much can I sell the Kurtis for?

As the brand is yours, you can decide the MRP of the items. We recommend you to sell at 60-90% markup margin which should be good.

Can the MRP be printed on my Kurtis?

It is your choice, if you want, we can print. If you do not want, we won't print. We recommend having the MRP printed as it will help your product be perceived as trustable and buyers will feel assured.

Do you ship the products directly to my customers?

Yes, we take care of delivering of the items to your customers.

Where can I sell the products at?

You shall sell your products anywhere online i.e., in marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, in social tools like Facebook, Whatsapp, or in your website, etc.,

Who will print my brand tags?

We source the required materials and printing of your brand's labels, cardboard tags and packages.

Can I sell my items to international customers?

Yes, we will export your products to your international customers. Please ensure you have IEC code or let us know to get it registered for you.

How about the returns and replacements?

We take care of returns and replacements managements. Your buyers should intimate within 7 days for return requests.

What is Private Label Dropshipping?

Private Label is a business model where the manufacturer will produce items and attach all your labels on the products for you to sell. The difficulty is that usually you need huge investments in Private Label business model. This is where Private Label Dropshipping(PLD) comes in. As a PLD provider, we keep the stocks ready for you. Whenever you receive any order, we'll be take care of the brand packaging and send it to your customers. You do not need to invest hugely on products, you'll be paying only for the sold items and have full branding on it. Also PLD comes with many other benefits like where we take care of the sourcing of the goods, quality checking, products delivery, handling of the shipments, etc.,

What type of Kurtis do I get?

We procure Kurtis based on the following factors: 1. It should be Saleable. 2. It should be Good Quality. 3. It should be in the affordable range. With our experience in procurement, we assure you that we will buy only saleable Kurtis and never dump stocks based on emotional purchases. All the purchases we do will be highly calculated ones.

Product Questions

What will be the quality of Kurtis?

We provide you a personally checked good quality of Kurtis. As Kurtis' trend and designs keep changing, there is no standard specification for you to refer to. We'll buy Kurtis of various materials, gsm, design, etc., However please be known that all the Kurtis will be bought only after quality checking by experts. You can assume that all our Kurtis will be of 'good' quality.

What Sizes of Kurtis are available?

We'll provide you 3 fast moving sizes of L, XL and XXL.

What about the availability of the SKUs?

1. To keep you updated with the market, we keep changing/adding new design of Kurtis. 2. All sizes will not be available all the time, we'll keep you updated daily with the available sizes and designs though.


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