Do you know how much profit can you make through Dropshipping?

Before showing you the profit calculation, we want to clarify one thing. We get more than 5 people everyday inquiring 'How much money can I make by subscribing to' Well, you can never judge that. Alibaba's Jack Ma didn't knew that he would make so much money by creating e-commerce site or even Mark Zuckerburg didn't knew that he would become the youngest billionaire by creating Facecbook.

It all depends on 'YOU'. We give you an entire platform pre filled with products worth lacs and delivery services. Remember, Jack Ma had to build everything on his own. But you are lucky, you get everything ready made and all that you have to do is just keep promoting your store online (that too we'll teach you). But you are asking us 'How much can I make?'. Unlimited, bhai. Unlimited. All that you have to do is 'Act'. So here is how much you can make Assume average product costs Rs.600 and your markdown margin as 30%.

Average Scenario: Daily Sold Products - 10 Products Daily Sales - Rs.6,000 Monthly Sales - Rs.1,80,000 Your Monthly Profit - Rs.54,000. Best Scenario: Daily Sold Products - 40 Products Daily Sales - Rs.24,000 Monthly Sales - Rs.7,20,000 Your Monthly Profit - Rs.2,16,000. Worst Case Scenario: Daily Sold Products - 5 Products Daily Sales - Rs.3000 Monthly Sales - Rs.90,000 Your Monthly Profit - Rs.30,000. Now you know the potential profits to be made, 'Act' Now.

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