Guide to Dropship & Dropship Products in India

To explain what dropshipping is one can say that it is a model of business that allows an entrepreneur to have an online business where they can sell products to buyers, without buying the inventory upfront. USP is that this model is about selling inventories without investing on them upfront. Dropshipping of products is done by resellers who ship them directly from vendors without buying them and yes it is legal in India. What is great about the idea is that the approach is low on risk so businesses can experiment with new product ranges. This way they will not have to pay for anything upfront so the cost of inventorying is saved.

This kind of business model makes sure that multiple people are able to be part of one successful business. Inventorying costs can be restrictive for new online entrepreneurs, so dropshipping model helps a lot and removes the entry barrier. Capital is required in every business however dropshipping is a great way to be free from stockpile inventorying which continues to intrigue people of any age. One just needs to create accounts on places such as Baapstore or Shopify to get started. Then they need to be browsing platforms like Baapstore for finding the products which they are interested in selling. One might also have to set up an online store and customize the looks of it so that branding is possible. One needs to be adding a domain after that so that payments can be set up and last but not least they need to select a plan to begin. Many people are curious to know if dropshipping is profitable at all. The business of dropshipping has witnessed massive growth in the past decade however the business and its success can only be realised after one finds what they should sell, to whom, and exactly how to market dropshipping products. This is probably what dreams are made of since dropshipping promises to get resellers anything from 40,000-50,000 INR per month. There is no upper limit though.

It is however mostly dependent on how the products have been priced and how they are being marketed. The common dropshipping products that can be sold are apparel, fashion, health supplements, home decor, electronics, and kitchenware, etc., The best part about dropshipping is that it is almost the same here as it is in the rest of the world. For many India is an ideal country for this method since it has unique geographical features which engender the purpose of dropship products to be sold across locations. As an example, it can be stated that many products which are being dropshipped are sourced from one part of India to another part of the country. One can try to sell small quantities in the beginning just to get started and as the business improves alongwith his supplier relations, they can start increasing their products variety and sales as well.

There are many dropshipping businesses in India right now that are doing really well by choosing the correct dropshipping partner and eCommerce platform, to begin with, and there are many cost-effective ones too. Dropshipping is also something that can be started without an online presence or store however the returns would be far from impressive in that case. The store is something that puts people on the map so that they can be easily found and people can vouch for their credibility. Another great aspect of dropshipping is that people do not have to sell just products that are mainstream, they can dropship products that are niche as well so that they can outdo their competition. It can be anything from a dog pool for adorers of pets to wooden cutlery that is eco-friendly. It can be bags for grocery shopping or beeswax wrap that replaces the harmful plastic cling wrap for good. People also experiment with dropshipping products such as phone covers for specific phone models as well. Dropshipping gives people an idea as to what is in demand or what will sell, so once they are done with one product they can always choose to sell another. One does not have to stockpile products that are hard to sell causing businesses to run at a loss.