Why should you Dropship Indian Products with Baapstore?

If you have ever tried your hands on dropshipping, you must be knowing that Chinese products have been the go-to solution for dropshipping services across the world. While that looks like a popular method, it comes with its own set of challenges including a long shipping period, uncertainty on receiving of the product, quality issues, poor returns policy, and more. While it helps one to start a business, sustaining and growing profitable should be the motive. To find success in dropshipping business, you should have both sustainability and profitability. Unfortunately, Chinese products provide neither of these.

There comes the Indian products. India is a country known for its values, quality, huge knowledge resources, and cheap labor. The advancement in the internet and technology and the government's initiatives on manufacturing locally has increased its production capability challenging the china manufacturers. Dropshipping Indian products give the predictability in quality and shipping for you. There are many advantages you'll have by dropshipping Indian products. Let's list a few of them below:

Product Quality

You are investing your hard-earned money to get each customer. The last thing you want to do is to disappoint them. You can see that Indian manufacturers follow quality guidelines strictly. Comparing to China, India's quality is much better and satisfactory for people across the world. Though India has vast cheap labor, it's never known for cheap quality. As a nation, India has always felt proud in seeing the happiness in the customer's face. Huge garment exports from the south of India, gems, jewelry, coffee, tea, spices, and drug formulation exports are some of India's contributions to the world. Now ask yourself, have you ever heard about the quality complaints in any of these? Well, that's why India(via Baapstore Dropshipping) is a better source for dropshipping.


The other main benefit of dropshipping with Baapstore India is the variety of the products you can dropship. You will find huge collections in both modern and ethnic Indian products. You can find a wide variety in each category and subcategories.

Quick Shipping

Unlike China, India is known for the quick paperwork and shipping of products. This is mostly possible because Indians follow the habit of manufacturing the products first and then take orders. In the majority of cases, you'll find that products are already manufactured and in the ready-to-ship state which gives you a faster dispatch. Also with its trade pact with foreign