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Baapstore For Investors

At Baapstore, we are democratizing the retail supply chain in a way that anybody can run their own etail business without having to invest on inventory.

Fact: Our resellers' success ratio is much higher than the industry standard and some of our sellers do business in crores.

Our Vision

If you want to take a ride, you book 'uber', you don't buy a car. Why should anyone buy inventory if they want to get into eCommerce business?

With most suppliers and consumers are already online, the next logical evolution is to bypass the concept of buying from the wholesalers and selling to the end customers. It's so old-school idea.

It is a no-brainer fact that 'dropshipping' will be the logical business model when it comes to eCommerce and 'Baapstore' wants to be at the center of it taking a significant pie, by providing the largest inventory which can be integrated with all the major platforms.

Retail sellers aka Resellers should not be required to invest in inventory anymore. Capital should be the least concern for starting an online business. A  businessman from the Dstreet will have the same capital advantage as a single mom from a remote village.

Zero to One


Karthic Gurnani was experimenting with selling online via eBay along with running a digital marketing firm supporting thousands of dropshipping clients from the US/UK.


When Amazon was launched in India, KG tried to replicate eBay sales on Amazon only to realize that it has more complications.


  • Understanding that India has both huge opportunities and unique challenges in eCommerce, we launched 'Baapstore'  with a motive that anyone should do eCommerce business irrespective of their investment or tech skill.
  • First Client.


  • Registered as a Private Limited Company.


  • Reached 5000+ SKUs aka 50,000+ Products.​
  • 1000th Client.

Zero to One

Money is required for any startup to survive and thrive, but, it is the 'growth of the startup' itself that matters the most. To make sure that our startup is growing faster and stronger, there are some guidelines that we'll follow which would make the investments beneficial for all the parties involved.

We do not take investment from individuals unless the individual is someone who has seen the ups and downs of the Startup business.

  • Startup business is glamorous, but risky too. We prefer taking investment from seasoned entrepreneurs, accredited angel investors, and venture capitalists.
  • Trust is very important for growth. If the trust level is not healthy, we'd not accept the investment.
  • Vision matters. We are sure that we are in the right path, but whether the investor believes in the same or not matters for us.
  • We are 'in for the long game'. As a Chennai-based company, we are a little more serious in our business and will not sacrifice the long term dominance for a short-term penny.
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