Calling out Influencers & Affiliate

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Why Should you Promote Baapstore?

We are the only company with the below advantages:

  • Baapstore is India's largest organized Dropshipping Platform.

  • We have 5000+ SKUs and 70,000+ Products ready for dropshipping sales.

  • All products are at 'Proper Wholesale Costs'. Resellers can have full retail profit.

  • We provide top branded products too i.e., Jockey, Triumph, Levis, etc.,

  • We provide a fully functional eCommerce website that's automated for stock sync, new stock additions, marketing tools, reporting tools, and integrated shipping features.

  • We also provide free shipping worth up to 12,000rs.

  • We are partnered with top shipping companies like FedEx, Delhivery, XpressBees, BlueDart, Ecom Express, and more.

❤️ Your audience will be happy that you have introduced our services to them.

Your Benefits​

  • We pay a 20% commission for the first 5 converts and 10% post that.

  • You will get both a unique affiliate link and a referral-cum-coupon code.

  • If you want to give an exclusive discount to your audience to encourage them to subscribe to our services,  you can copy and use your referral-cum-coupon code. So anybody using that coupon code will get a 2% discount which will be deducted from your commission.

  • If you do not want to provide any discounts, you shall use your affiliate link to promote our services and you'll get a full flat commission.


How does it work?

​​1. Create an Account:

2. Share a Link:

  • ​Make sure you are logged in.

  • To share any page of the website with your affiliate code, click on 'Copy Affiliate Link' at top of the page on the website

  • You can share any particular product page, pricing page, or any page by copying the link as said above.

  • Whenever anybody clicks on the link you provide and takes any of our dropshipping plans, you will get a commission.​

​3. Share A Code: 🤝

  • Thinking to give some exclusive discounts to your audience for subscribing to our services? it will also increase their interest in subscribing to us which would increase your affiliate income.

  • ​You will find your unique referral-cum-coupon code at top of the page, next to the words 'Coupon/Affiliate Code:'.

  • Copy that code and share anywhere i.e., youtube/Instagram/Twitter/anywhere.

  • Whenever anybody subscribes to our dropshipping plans using that code, they will get a discount and you will get a commission.