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Calling out Influencers & Affiliate

(Bloggers, Youtubers, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter Influencers & every influencers)
Earn upto Rs.7,500 Per Single Conversion

Why Promote Baapstore?

​Baapstore is India's largest organized Dropshipping Platform.

  • 7000+ SKUs & 150,000+ Products ready for dropshipping sales.
  • All products are available at 50% Lower Price than Wholesale Price itself, even for Single quantity. Resellers can have up to 400% profit margin.
  • Automated Stock Sync & Automated Order Sync.
  • 15 Free shipments and then just Flat 39rs per Product. No weight limit, no value limit, no distance limit.
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Your Benefits​

  • ​Flat 5% commission per conversion on dropshipping plans i.e,. up to flat 7,500rs per conversion.
  • Get both a unique affiliate link and a referral-cum-coupon code.
  • If you want to give an exclusive discount to your audience to encourage them to subscribe to our services,  you can copy and use your referral-cum-coupon code. They will get an exclusive 1% discount which will be deducted from your commission.
  • If you do not want to provide any discounts, you shall use your affiliate link to promote our services and you'll get a full flat commission.


Step by Step Tutorial

​​1. Create an Account:

2A. Share a Link:

  • ​Make sure you are logged in.
  • To share any page of the website with your affiliate code, click on 'Copy Affiliate Link' at top of the page on the website
  • You can share any particular product page, pricing page, or any page by copying the link as said above.
  • Whenever anybody clicks on the link you provide and takes any of our dropshipping plans, you will get a commission.​

​2B. Share A Code: 🤝

  • ​Interest your audience with your exclusive referral-cum-coupon-code.
  • You can find your 'referral-cum-coupon-code' at the top.
  • Copy that code and share anywhere i.e., youtube/Instagram/Twitter anywhere.
  • User will get your exclusive discount if they use your coupon code and you will get affiliate commission.


Note: Flat 5% commission per conversion on dropshipping plans i.e,. up to flat 7,500rs per conversion.