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Calling out Influencers & Affiliate

(Bloggers, Youtubers, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter Influencers & every influencers)

Earn upto Rs.3,000 Per Single Conversion

Why Should you Promote Baapstore?

We are the only company with the below advantages:

  • Baapstore is India's largest organized Dropshipping Platform.

  • We have 7000+ SKUs and 150,000+ Products ready for dropshipping sales.

  • All products are at 'Proper Wholesale Costs'. Resellers can have full retail profit.

  • We provide a fully functional eCommerce website that's automated for stock sync, new stock additions, marketing tools, reporting tools, and integrated shipping features.

  • We also provide free shipping up to 120 shipments.

  • We are partnered with top shipping companies like FedEx, Delhivery, XpressBees, BlueDart, Ecom Express, and more.

❤️ Your audience will be happy that you have introduced our services to them.

Your Benefits​

  • We pay a flat 5% commission for every convert you provide for our dropshipping plans.

  • You will get both a unique affiliate link and a referral-cum-coupon code.

  • If you want to give an exclusive discount to your audience to encourage them to subscribe to our services,  you can copy and use your referral-cum-coupon code. So anybody using that coupon code will get an exclusive discount which will be deducted from your commission. You can decide discount percentage in such cases.

  • If you do not want to provide any discounts, you shall use your affiliate link to promote our services and you'll get a full flat commission.


How does it work?

​​1. Create an Account:

2. Share a Link:

  • ​Make sure you are logged in.

  • To share any page of the website with your affiliate code, click on 'Copy Affiliate Link' at top of the page on the website

  • You can share any particular product page, pricing page, or any page by copying the link as said above.

  • Whenever anybody clicks on the link you provide and takes any of our dropshipping plans, you will get a commission.​

​3. Share A Code: 🤝

  • Thinking to give some exclusive discounts to your audience for subscribing to our services? it will also increase their interest in subscribing to us which would increase your overall affiliate income.

  • ​You will find your unique referral-cum-coupon code at top of the page, next to the words 'Coupon/Affiliate Code:'.

  • Copy that code and share anywhere i.e., youtube/Instagram/Twitter/anywhere.

  • Whenever anybody subscribes to our dropshipping plans using that code, they will get a discount and you will get a commission.



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