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About Baapstore

Baapstore, a child of Uptail Private Limited, is India's first and dedicated dropshipping provider company.

We believe that today's sellers need no stocks to start and run their retail business. As people started preferring buying online, it relieves sellers from investing and storing of items physically. If previous generation stores were all about muscle power of showcasing who has a bigger store and wider collections under one roof, today's generation is about who can market and sell better.

Understanding this need, we have created and maintaining dropshipping facilities where we let our sellers to just focus on sales while we take care of entire backend operations like deliveries, hosting, technical, cataloging, etc.,

Baapstore is not just a business, it's our dreamchild. We dream that there would be millions of sellers showcasing items on their website or on tablets to their customers and take orders whereas we fulfil their orders. All that a seller may require, if at all, would be a few sample pieces for their customers to experience.

Based out of Chennai, we have warehouses tied up in multiple locations across India and focused on building an international business. Baapstore is founded by Karthic Gurnani, who started his career in Software and moved on to coupon distribution, digital marketing and eBay selling before starting this dropshipping business.

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