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About Us

At Baapstore, the one reason that motivate us to come to office every day, is the hope to change how e-commerce business works in India.

E-commerce industry is doing great in India with all the new entrants, acquisitions, million dollar revenues, mergers and successful exits.

But one significant thing that sparks debate is why should every e-tailers stock up the same product?

In a brick and mortar store, it's necessary to have real products in hand as customers walk in physically and purchase the products.

But why in e-commerce stores? Customers anyway does not touch and feel the product and they purchase only by looking at the pictures and specifications. In such a scenario, why should every e-commerce companies buy stocks separately? why can't they just share it? 

Buying stocks separately increase the cost of starting an e-commerce business, increase the work effort of sourcing, photographing, stock management, shipping, etc.,

Why can't there be a solution where e-tailers just focus on business and rest will be taken care by a central company?

That's how Baapstore is born.

My experience on selling online in various marketplaces and my own websites has taught me one lesson Selling online required some heavy investments and was not easy. And that is when I took up the challenge to make it a cake walk for anyone who wants to start selling online - Karthic, Starter,

And with every passing day, we are moving closer to our dreams of making e-commerce easy in India.

Well, we started selling on eBay from 2009 and since then helped many sellers to start their online e-commerce business.